Fear and Traveling: VinoChair


Crazy Creek Long Back

Do you know what drives me crazy? We’ll be sitting in our Crazy Creek chairs taking in a great view when a couple of people bop along. It’s not that I mind them bopping along. I love meeting other hikers on the trail. I especially love meeting other VinoHikers, though sadly, it’s a rare occurrence.

What chaps my hide is when they look at the view, chow down a plastic-looking food bar, take a swig of water, maybe snap a selfie then hurry back the way they came even before their heart rate has dropped a couple of points. It’s like “Ok, check this one off the list.” They remind me of tourists that cram eight billion sights into a two-week vacation. Slow down, people! Take a moment, or quite a few moments, to enjoy life.

The ones I find particularly amusing are the ones that look at us enviously and say “Now, that’s a great idea. Why didn’t we think of that?” as we sit there comfortably reclining in our chairs with a small spread of food (real food) in front of us and glasses of wine in our hands. We try not to be smug. That’s not very polite. Sometimes it’s difficult though. Stopping to smell the roses is hardly rocket science after all.

But back to chapped hides, I love my Long Back Crazy Creek chair.  My tuchus is always comfortable and warm when I’m sitting in my chair, even when snowshoeing and plopping down right in the snow. Who wants to seek out a cold hard rock to sit on with devilishly placed protrusions anyway?

The Long Back Crazy Creek chair provides more back support than the original without adding much extra weight or bulk. It’s the best present any self-respecting VinoHiker can give their bum. I know my bum would be bummed if it had to sit in the dirt.

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