Thank You for Being Our Friends


The Shy Guy

In the beginning, there was this very shy guy named Steve. Carrie thought it’d be a good idea to invite him to Lobsterfest for a little social interaction. Of course, he was reluctant and said that he’d probably just stay in his tent and peak out through a toilet paper tube.

Just Add Wine

It turns out that all we needed to do was add wine! After the first Lobsterfest, where Steve and Marnie first crossed paths, Steve was no longer the Shy Guy. In fact, he was the star of one Lobsterfest!

Yes, We Missed the Wedding

We still kick ourselves for not getting the hint. Anyway, the happy couple got married and settled into married life. We found the division of labor a little odd, but hey, whatever works!

Sounds Just Like Rush

This brings back memories of the first Lobsterfest. Steve played songs by the fire until the wine kicked in, then a sandal was lost, and someone slept half in and half out of his tent. Apparently, that wasn’t all that was half in and half out of where it should have been. Then, in the morning, a stick protruded from his face. We were certain that we’d never be allowed to play with Steve again.

It Wasn’t All About Getting Drunk in the Woods

Maybe it’s because we got older, or maybe wiser, but occasionally we could all clean up pretty well and make an appearance in public.

Speaking of Wiser

Picnics rock! And, picnicking with you guys on the shores of Lake Tahoe with some nice El Dorado wine is the best.

And Then There Was Bob’s

I’m not sure how many brain cells we all lost there, but we had some pretty good times. I recall Steve saving me from certain death at the fangs of a massive spider once.


Not all the parties were simply about wine. Some provided us with an educational opportunity. Here we all are learning the art of sushi making with Dennis and Theresa, George and Debbie, Pat and Carrie, Bob, and Steve and Marnie.


The Vino Roadtrip – El Dorado County, CA.

Yes, even our road trips revolved around wine. Wine is meant to be drunk with friends, and we took every opportunity to have a merry time as often as we possibly could! And what a wonderful road trip this was. Meandering through the lovely Sierra Nevada foothills looking for that perfect bottle of wine to fit the scenery.


Does it get any better than sitting outdoors in a beautiful setting, great wine, and wonderful friends? Lava cap Winery provided this backdrop with Carrie, Shelagh, Marnie, and Steve, with Pat behind the camera (probably with a glass of wine in his hand).


As you can see from our smiles we were very much enjoying the Boeger tasting room. Smiles and laughter were our constant companion whenever this bunch got together! Pat, Carrie, Steve, Marnie, and Shelagh.

Latcham hosted this little picnic. Even a bit of cool weather couldn’t stop this group from enjoying the outdoors and each other’s company. By this time of day, my face hurt from all the smiling and laughing.



Still at Latcham, here we find the merry pranksters solving the problems of the world. We could get serious every now and then!

We Love Ya, Big Fella!

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