Southwest America: Back in the US, back in the US, back in the US…Roadtrip Time Part 2-Where the Geeks Roam


The last time we left you with mostly, a not too favorable impression of the southwest plains states. Abandoned buildings, towns in decay, parched and desolate landscapes. If you need a reminder or haven’t read the last roadtrip blog, check it out here.

We passed this church after visiting Salinas Pueblo Missions National Monument. What was it like once upon a time? Bustling with activity? Now there is no one to share its story.


Part of our hotel complex near the Karl G. Jansky Array taken during the golden hour. Many of the visiting scientists stayed here before heading our to the complex.

This time we’re bringing out our inner geek to finish out our 2016 roadtrip. Yes, we’ve been known to be a bit geekish at times. We watch space launches on the internet and debate the correct method to solving a math problem. This post highlights our visit to multiple National Parks, as well as to the Karl G. Jansky Very Large Array complex. Hopefully, this post will motivate you to take advantage of our national parks wherever you live and encourage you to learn more about the incredible scientific advances we humans have been able to accomplish.

Hope you enjoy the photographs below.

Hike Drink Live Laugh


This is one giant telescope. Located in the middle of nowhere in New Mexico, stretching for miles.


One of the interactive exhibits at the Karl G. Jansky complex.


Fort Union National Monument in New Mexico. Square in the middle of the Sante Fe Trail. We could still see the skid marks from the wagon trains.


Once a bustling city of hundreds, Fort Union was the supply terminal for the west bound settlers.


Fort Union now only serves to provide photo geeks with the opportunity to shoot some abstract looking cool stuff.


More Fort Union ‘abstract’ stuff.


Part of the Salinas Pueblo Missions ruins in New Mexico.

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8 thoughts on “Southwest America: Back in the US, back in the US, back in the US…Roadtrip Time Part 2-Where the Geeks Roam

  1. I really enjoyed your photos ! Yes, it appears to be very desolate among
    those ruins. I wish you were allowed to use a metal detector near those
    crumbled buildings, I’ll bet there are some interesting artifacts waiting
    to be discovered ? Hmmmmmm

    • Thanks, Ron. Glad you enjoyed the photos. I could walk around these places all day. It’s never the same. The light changes, people come and go. Fun places to visit and learn.

  2. Particularly excellent photo, the one labeled “more fort union abstract stuff”… mostly adobe colored series of walls & doorways with only bit of blue sky at top right.

    • Thanks, Rae. That’s also one of my favorites. History just oozed out of the place. That’s why I love these places. You can feel the energy of what transpired back in the day. If we could only learn from history and apply the good parts.

  3. A rather unknown park in that area not to be missed: Hueco Tanks State Park and Historic Site, It’s in Texas 30 miles east of El Paso. Takes some time: first a video of regulations then sign a form; after which a guided tour. But it’s well worth the time/effort. Really old, unusual rock “art”. Lots of climbing around, so not for the infirm.

    • WOW. Sounds like a cool place to visit. Maybe on our next roadtrip after we get back to the USA. Carrie just put it on our maps as a thing to do. : >)

  4. Did you notice the contrails cross in the sky of the Salinas Pueblo Mission Ruins photo? Doo, doo, doo, doo………….

    • It is kind of a Twilight Zone moment. Maybe I had the blessing of a higher power to take the photo? : >)

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