Plastic Wine Glasses

Action photo of Govino plastic wine glasses

Action photo of Govino plastic wine glasses

When we hike, we hike with wine. In fact, we find it inconceivable that wine is not standard hiking gear. What better way to enjoy a well earned vista and the fine snacks you hauled to your destination? And, it’s not just about savoring the nectar of the gods and enjoying easy conversation. Some maintain that red wine in particular has medicinal properties. We’ve heard it said that chemicals naturally occurring in red wine break down lactic acid. That’s the stuff that makes your legs sore when exercising. So why doesn’t REI have a tempranillo or malbec section or even a sommelier in training? A distinct lack of research on their part if you ask us!

Our Govino plastic wine glasses have seen many miles and many gallons over the years. They pack light, don’t tip over and hold wine. What more could we want?

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