Rear View Mirror


Homeless. We have known we would be since we started planning to go to Southeast Asia and Europe. It wasn’t as emotional as when we sold our place in Flag to go sailing though. We are renting the house this time. But still, what seemed to be far out on the horizon has happened and gone.

We have been saying goodbye to friends and will soon be saying goodbye to our family. We’ll board the plane for LAX and a couple planes later and about a day of flying we’ll be deposited in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We’ll crash in the hotel, take a long shower then go walk the streets. The sights and smells and foods will all be fascinating and unknown to us. We’ll take them in for a few days and then board a plane to Laos and Malaysia will have come and gone.

We will meander through northern Laos, then hook up with friends to check out Vietnam. We’ll do some beach time on an island in Cambodia and see the revered Angkor Wat. We’ll spend some time in Thailand then board a plane for, as of yet, an unknown destination in Europe. Southeast Asia will have been a blur.

We’ll arrive somewhere in Europe, probably in Spain, then look for a place to rent in the south of France for about a month or so. Croatia and Italy are on the list to be seen. We’ll head to Scotland for scotch and to Ireland for a birthday party. At some point, we’ll board a plane and fly back to the States. Europe will be a memory.

Years from now we will re-read this post and hopefully many others and relive the experiences and wonder where the time went. The stories and pictures will jog our memories. We do that now with the blog posts from our years cruising. All of the planning, all of the preparation all of the sailing adventures are in the rear view mirror.

Fortunately, some objects appear larger than actual size.

Dream It. Plan It. Do It.

Dream It. Plan It. Do It.

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  1. I’m so excited for you two! Enjoy every second of this amazing trip! Check out chicken street if you end up near Hanoi in Vietnam. Some of the best street food ever there!! I’d tell you where to go but that’s half the fun!!

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