GlobeWandering on a Budget


It’s finally here! The travel book you have all been waiting for!

Save Money – Travel Comfortably – Have Fun

  • Discover how, on a modest budget, to take a transoceanic cruise, rent a car, or stay in a fully furnished home in a location where you can’t even afford a motel.
  • Everything is covered, from foreign transaction fees to visa requirements to the best travel underwear.
  • Become a devout follower of Travel Rule #1. It will change your life forever.
  • Follow Pat and Carrie’s travel experiences through planning pains, transportation hiccups, accommodation near-disasters, and then learn how to avoid these pitfalls.
  • Use their invaluable and unique tips for planning and executing a major trip that is astonishingly affordable, easier than you think, and surprisingly comfortable.
  • No hitchhiking, couch-sleeping, or tent-camping required!

Filled with decades of experience, interjected with personal travel accounts, and written with a touch of humor, this book will give you the keys to comfortable and rewarding GlobeWandering on a modest budget. You are sure to enjoy reading this book as much as you will enjoy saving bundles of money on your next adventure. Don’t put off your travel dream for another moment!

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