Fear and Traveling: Never Run Out of Juice


Every traveler’s most dreaded icon

Why does it seem that when I forget to charge the phone, it’s always on a travel day? Periods tend to start on travel days too, but that should probably be an entirely separate post.

I used to wake up in a cold sweat the night before a travel day wondering if I plugged the phone in to charge. I’d mentally walk through all of my actions before going to bed. Ah, yes. I did. You’d think I’d be able to drift off to sleep after realizing I plugged it in. Well, you’d be wrong.

What if the outlet strip and adapter setup got jostled and disconnected? Did I double check the connection? Was the outlet strip even plugged into the wall???

Why do I stress over this? Well, the powerful nature of cell phones has made them not only a phone, but a map, a restaurant reviewer, guidebook, translator, and boarding pass too. Without the power of knowledge, and tickets, in my hand, I’m lost.

My life was hell until we bought a big ass Anker Power Bank… 20,000mAh big! It can charge the phone many times over on a single charge. Not only that, but it can charge the camera battery, the Bluetooth speaker, and any other device that charges through a USB cable. We have even come to the rescue of other travelers with a flat phone battery. Heroes is what I’d call us!

Now I fear not the looming travel day… unless it is near “that time of the month.”


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