Fear and Traveling: How to Handle Leftover Wine


It’s 6:30 in the morning and you are packing up your clothes, toiletries and electronics, then you notice that there is half of a bottle of wine leftover. Okay, it probably never happens to you either, but let’s go with this hypothetical situation. What do you do? We aren’t so much into morning drinking, well, not on multiple-leg transportation days anyway, but you can’t let it go to waste. Can you?

Who wants to carry a big, heavy wine bottle for a glass or two of wine? Or a couple of shots of whiskey or brandy for that matter? Enter the collapsible travel flask to save the day. I’m not saying my parents are a bad influence or anything, but they discovered these in their cruising days, where alcohol not purchased on board is verboten. They gave us the flasks as gifts thinking, rightly so, the ability to smuggle alcohol would make us happy. They stand up when filled, hold a liter of alcohol (the flasks, not my parents), probably water too, are extremely durable, haven’t leaked on us once (the flasks, again, just to be clear) and go through a metal detector like Chivas through a goose. Problem solved!


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