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  1. Hi guys, I couldn’t find an email address for you both as your sidebar email doesn’t seem to work. So forgive me for contacting you this way, although I have some news! This is an email that I have just written to our Top Five nominated Travel Blogs for the 2018 Liebster Award and you are one of them! Here’s the email I have just sent out. We love what you do and the way you write and your inclusion was easy for us.

    With love from Karen and Myles

    Hi Guys,

    Earlier this year we were honoured with a Liebster Award nomination for 2018, (thanks so much Karolina).
    This is an award for bloggers, by bloggers and is very much a recognition of the efforts, that as writers and photographers, we put into our work.

    At Motoroaming HQ, were thrilled to be recognised and a big part of the award’s philosophy is to Pay it Forward. This gives every nominee the opportunity to select between 5-11 other blogs that they value and appreciate that they would like to be recognised for the award. The award winner for 2018 will be decided at the end of 2018. And we chose your blog as one of our top 5 nominations!


    We have published a post with your name and link to your website and all necessary instructions to follow should you choose to accept the nomination, which you can read here:

    If you would like to know more about the award and what is involved in your acceptance, then please check out The Global Aussie’s post here:

    Congratulations again – here’s to all bloggers and our sterling efforts to entertain, inform and shape people’s lives positively with our words!

    • Thank you so much for the nomination! I’ll check into the email link. One of these days we will be expert bloggers like you two!
      Happy travels. Congratulations on your nomination!

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