BKK –> BCN: Spies Like Us


A friend of ours back home was convinced that we were spies. She questioned our whole southeast Asia and European itinerary believing it was an elaborate cover-up for some middle-eastern data-digging.

Well, I can’t say that our flight from Bangkok to Barcelona would convince her otherwise. We were on a Russian airline, that departed disconcertingly from gate C4, and flew over every -stan in the book: Pakistan, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, -stans I didn’t even know existed and directly over Kabul to boot.

I'm not joking, our gate really was "C4"

I’m not joking, our gate really was “C4”

Speaking of Afghanistan, what an uninviting terrain. It looks like dried up elephant skin under a magnifying glass. There is hardly any arable (haha) land. No wonder those guys are so irritable.

As we flew over Kabul, I tried to switch the seatback-display to the plane’s belly-cam which showed live views of the ground directly below the plane. No dice. They turned it off. We’d have to fire up the high tech gear if we wanted that data… uh, I mean, view.

I've never seen so many -stans

I’ve never seen so many -stans

You really don’t hear much about Uzbeks, do you? That country looks like a lunar landscape. I wonder how irritable they are.

Oh, on another note, you’d think flying a Russian airline would be all fun and vodka, right? Wrong. No alcohol on board, comrades. If you are caught with any, they break you.

At least the food was good

At least the food was good

Just so you know, this correspondence is highly against protocol. For your sake, and ours, share it with no one!

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