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This is VinoHiking

As you have probably guessed, VinoHiking is hiking with wine, but that’s only the superficial meaning of the term. It’s about getting a little exercise, being in nature, and interacting with the people who are with you. It’s about finding a great place to sit with a nice view and chatting over a beverage and snacks. It’s about appreciating nature as your very own living room.

The hiking doesn’t have to be a race nor a great feat of endurance. The wine needs to be nothing better than a table wine from a discount liquor store. It doesn’t even have to be wine or alcoholic. Hot tea from a thermos fits the bill well too.

Not a spring chicken? Don’t dismiss VinoHiking as “not for you”. You can still enjoy the healthy benefits of VinoHiking. We surely aren’t spring chickens. VinoHiking keeps us active and engaged. Of course, there is a carrot at the end of the hike. Guess you could call it a VinoCarrot. As an added bonus, you don’t need a lot of money to VinoHike. So, lace up your boots, pack a plastic cup, and join us!


10 thoughts on “About VinoHiking

    • Thanks, Karen! Happy to have you along. We will get into full-on blog mode soon. We fly out on Feb 8th. Wow, that’s coming up fast!

  1. Following your adventures and travels vicariously!
    Bon voyage, Carrie and Pat.
    And one day, hope to meet up with you in person. Cheers! Salud!

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