2018 Liebster Award Nomination (It’s a Blogging Thing)


Who? Us?

Holy crap! Where do I start? I got up this morning and sat down on the couch with my cup of coffee — okay, it’s more of a bucket, but really, it’s for the greater good — that’s when Pat looked up from his computer and said, “The Motoroamers were nominated for the Liebster Award.” I love lobster and I bet they do too, lucky devils! Oh… Liebster… that’s cool, too… Our friends Karen and Myles of Motoroaming have been blogging about their travels in Scoobie, their motorhome, for the past few years as they wander through Europe seeking food, fun, and sun. It’s a great blog full of amazing photos, entertaining videos, enchanting stories, and practical information for other roamers in motorhomes. They truly deserve the Liebster nomination — if not a lobster — for their fantastic blogging. Well done guys!

  • Backstory (optional reading): While in the S&M stronghold (probably not what you’re thinking) of Melnik, Bulgaria back in 2017, we were strolling down the hot and dusty road in the center of the tiny town (pop: 385) where we crossed paths with Karen and Myles. There must be a certain aura, or a scent maybe, that is given off by long-term travelers because, without pause, we were engaged in conversation with them. After a nice chat, we exchanged blog cards and went on our merry ways. Happily, that was not the last time we saw Karen and Myles. We crossed paths once again in Budapest, Hungary and were able to spend a wonderful day together; eating, drinking, exploring, and photographing. They have promised to visit the States soon, so we’ll keep the light on… assuming we are actually here at the time.

Anyway, back to the couch and my bucket of coffee. “That’s not all,” said Pat, “they nominated us for the Liebster Award!” According to the Liebster Award rules, each nominee nominates five other bloggers. Wow! I can’t believe they thought of us and our little blog. Thank you for nominating us, Karen and Myles. We are truly humbled, gracious, and a bit terrified.


The Catch

Terrified? Why would this be terrifying? Well, also according to the rules, the nominator poses 11 questions to the nominees. I suspect it is, at the very least, an unwritten rule that these questions are to be answered truthfully. The Motoroamers can be awfully clever and occasionally cheeky. Let’s see what they cooked up…


What was the journey that brought you to travelling?

I’d have to say that it was the journey down the birth canal for me. I was born to travel. My parents were avid travelers, so there must be something that gets passed on in the blood or deep in the genes.


How has travel changed you and how does it enrich your life?

Extended travel has taught me that, while seeing the iconic sites is sometimes cool, the real golden nugget is making a connection with someone new. Learning their perspective on anything from food and drink to politics and religion is enlightening. Travel has made me a better listener and it has brought me many new friendships.


If Travel was a teacher at school, what would be included in their lessons?

I love this one. Travel would teach that less is more. Stopping in fewer places for longer periods of time is far more rewarding than hop-scotching from place to place to bag the requisite selfie. (The inventor of the selfie-stick will surely burn in hell, btw.) Tasting a little of an exquisite delicacy is way better than over-eating sub-par food. A sip of a fine single malt scotch is much more enjoyable than a glass of watered down cheap scotch… though there is a place for that, too.


If there was one piece of advice you could give travel dreamers, what would it be?

Travel while you are young and healthy. It’s not as expensive as you think. Most importantly, you can only spend your time once, but you can always make more money to spend.


If you could give a gift to a newbie traveller, what would it be and why?

My book, of course! I wrote GlobeWandering on a Budget to help people realize that it doesn’t take a lot of money or a lot of skill to get off of the couch, out of the rat-race, and “out there.” Travel is rewarding and life-changing and should be experienced by everyone. Mandatory, even.


What type of place or places do you feel the greatest peace?

Generally, in pubs… seriously. I love true pub culture where I can sit down with a pint among a group of strangers and immediately be included in the conversation. It’s like being with life-long friends and catching up after a short absence.


What have been your biggest challenges?

My biggest challenge has been being far away from my nonagenarian parents.


If you could choose three words that sum up what travel means to you, what would they be?

Freeing Enlightening Exciting


If your travels were represented by a jigsaw, what would this look like; the corners, the straight edges and the middle pieces?

There would be bits of the puzzle completed in small sections, some with just middle pieces, some with a bit of everything. The rest of the pieces would be organized loosely by subject, shape or color, and sit patiently waiting to be fitted into the big picture.


What has been the most meaningful experience you have had?

That’s a tough one. Travel as a whole is a very meaningful experience, but to select just one event or encounter? Hmmm… I’ll take my mulligan here.


What one memory stands out most to you from your travels that makes you smile?

Any of the days that didn’t go as planned — but much better instead. Following Travel Rule #1 has resulted in special days that could never be planned or recreated. The rule is simple: If a local invites you to do something, do it (unless you are sure it will result in bodily harm). Our days in Palmela, Portugal, and Thuir, France are prime examples.


Drum Roll, Please

It is a great honor to be recognized by fellow bloggers, Karen and Myles, and to be nominated for the Liebster Award — though, a lobster would have sufficed. In keeping with the rules, I’d like to recognize the following travel bloggers so that they, too, may experience the hush that falls over a roomful of people when a Liebster nominee walks in. I nominate:

  • Jan and Rich on Slip Away. They’re blogging about their trip around the world on their sailboat and share photos and stories from far-flung lands.
  • John and Cory of Let’s Find Fun have a contagious attitude that I love.
  • Heather and John of Roaming Around the World recently completed a circumnavigation without flying. They also post tasty foods and drinks each week.
  • Bonster and Chopster of Moster Voyage bust me up.
  • Kylee and Mark at These Foreign Roads are fun and have useful content.


The Very Best Part

Yeah, now I get to ask the questions!

  1. What flavor of lip balm does not currently exist, but should, and why?
  2. Have you ever had anything stolen while traveling? If so, could it have been prevented and have you done things differently since then?
  3. What was the best smelling country you ever visited and what did it smell like?
  4. What was the highest elevation you ever spent a night at and what were you doing there?
  5. How many pairs of shoes do you pack and what style are they?
  6. Name three must-have items in your everyday bag or daypack.
  7. Have you eaten insects? If so, which ones and where?
  8. What was the most devastating thing you have seen in your travels?
  9. What was the most uplifting thing you ever saw in your travels?
  10. What genre of music is the soundtrack to your travels?
  11. Would you have preferred a lobster to a Liebster?

Okay, nominees. You are now on your own. I do need to give you the rules though, so this link to The Official Rules of the Liebster Award 2018 should get you all squared away. Best of luck and keep on blogging!


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4 thoughts on “2018 Liebster Award Nomination (It’s a Blogging Thing)

  1. Congratulations guys. Now I have some new blogs to check out, thanks for that. Can’t wait to see their answers, those are great questions.

    • Thank you! It was very exciting to be recognized and nominated by peers that we consider to be expert bloggers. One nominee has already answered the questions and it was very well done. You can find it on our FB page.

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